Dents-R-Gone technicians will try to remove almost any dent to satisfy a customer, but will utilize their past experiences to determine whether or not a dent can be 100% removed. The most important factors that determine whether or not a dent can be removed are as follows:

Where the dent is located on the car - Is it in the middle of a panel (positive), or is it on the edge (negative) of a door, trunk or hood.
Is there paint damage or scrapes across multiple panels - This usually tells us the damage will be too severe, or we will crack the paint when the dent is worked on or removed.


Dents-R-Gone technicians have the ability to remove dents on all makes and models of cars. They also have the ability to work on all panels of the cars, except in the following cases:


Most edges of a car door, hood, trunk, etc. are double metal and are difficult to work. Some small dents are removable when on these edges.
The rounded areas above and below the front and rear lighting assemblies.
Around the lock on the doors and trunk, especially if it was broken into.
The edges along the front and back of the roof and hood.
We do not work on chrome, metal or rubber bumpers.


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